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We at Norde Excavation and Land Management LOVE the great outdoors and natural foliage, but proper and routine management is a necessary step for land owners. Not only can it be crucial for the health of your property, but proper removal of trees and their roots can ensure that your future builds are protected from damage. 

Land Management for Fire Prevention

Here in Spokane, Washington, summer fire control is a real problem. When the temperatures soar, and the land dries out, fires can spread quickly and do long lasting damage to the health of our forests and wildlife. Although we are blessed to have firefighters that are willing to come help us, there are steps we can take to make their jobs easier and reduce the effect that a fire can have on our property. 

Areas of dense trees and foliage hold up little to no hope against an out of control wildfire. When the trees are close together, and branches cover the trunks, the fire will quickly climb the tree and “jump” from one tree to the next. It brings the fire up high, and makes it harder for our fire team to extinguish. 

One of our first objectives is to remove or thin out lower hanging limbs. This keeps the fire from climbing the tree as easy, therefore keeping it burning closer to the ground. Think about it this way, if you wanted to extinguish a campfire, is it easier to put out aiming for the top flames of the fire or the base? Well when the base travels up the tree, accessibility to the heat source becomes more challenging.

Next, we evaluate the tree’s health and remove any dead or sick ones. This controls the diseases and eliminates the already dead/dried wood. It also allows more of the resources to go to the thriving trees. 

After that, we space out the remaining trees by removing ones that are too close together. While we always aim to take out the dead/diseased trees first, sometimes this does mean we are removing healthy trees. We always prioritize the most mature trees when having to decide what goes and what stays. 

Lastly, We also analyze and reduce the ground vegetation so that there is less fuel for the fire.

Land Management for Insects & Disease Control

While our forests and properties make amazing homes for humans and wildlife, it also houses insects, fungi, bacteria, and diseases. A normal population of these pests are essential to a thriving ecosystem, and (when kept in check) are a natural selection process that controls growth. 

Overmature, weak, or fire-killed trees have little or no defense against infestation and are a factor in the buildup of pest populations. Selective cutting of susceptible trees, thinning that accelerates growth, and other similar long-range forest management practices that stimulate tree growth are good methods for indirect control of insects and diseases.Generally the healthier the forest, the more resistant it is to widespread pest attack. 

Land Clearing & Management for Building 

Whether you are building on 10,000 sqft or 100 acres, the first step (minus the purchase) is always getting your future home site clear and level. This process should be done thoroughly and with the future in mind. 

Large trees left close to your house should be strong and healthy and able to withstand winds or storms. Having a tree fall on your newly built house is never a good insurance claim! The roots should also be evaluated for any potential of ruining your foundation, concrete, or landscape. 

Utility companies will require easy access to your property for any services you need done. You must remove trees and foliage from septic sites, and keep drain fields clear. Also you will want a clean area to run your power and water lines without fear of trees damaging in the future. 

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