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Terms You May Hear When Hiring an Excavation Contractor in Spokane County, Washington

Industry jargon…am I right?

We all use it, and very rarely do we stop to think if we sound like we are speaking a completely foreign language to our clients. Here are some common words you may hear when you hire an excavation contractor in Spokane County.


This is the act of digging to prep for sub-grade items like foundations and underground utilities by removing the dirt, rock, stumps, and boulders that fill that space. With the use of heavy machinery, excavators break up material to clear the space OR use elsewhere on the site or other projects. Excavating helps to prepare the site for the construction activities that follow.


The act of knocking down buildings and clearing away the debris safely, to ensure the structure comes down with minimal impact on surrounding people, structures, or landscapes.


This is the act of manipulating the ground level.


These are dug from one point to another to install things like water lines, sewer pipe power conduit etc

⅝’s minus

This is a type of rock often used for gravel driveways. It is permitted by the county, and what they like to be used when not using pavement.

General Contractor

Some excavation companies hold a general contractors license, which means that they can hire other subcontractors to help complete a job. They can also perform a wider scope of services under their license.

Sub Contractor

This is someone who is hired to do a specific job and works for the general contractor. For example, we often subcontract tree falling or concrete work out to our trusted partners.

Geo-textile Fabric

This is a fabric that we use designed to perform one or more basic functions such as filtration, drainage, separation of soil layers, reinforcement, or stabilization.


It is similar to a wood chipper, it is mounted on an excavator or skid steere which moves through the forest to grind or chip trees and brush, leaving the chips behind.

Forestry Mulching

This is a land clearing method that cuts, grinds, and clears vegetation


Soil is moved throughout the excavation process, making it softer and less stable. And the less stable the soil is, the larger the soil particles are. Stabilizing the soil eliminates any air pockets or holes that may exist beneath the top layer of earth. The soil is compacted by the contractor using a roller or other compaction method.


Backfilling is the process of returning dirt to a trench or foundation after it has been excavated and the associated work has been done. It is the process of putting dirt or stone behind an existing structure or wall. When pouring and compacting backfill, your contractor must be very careful to avoid impact loading any pipes, shaft, structures, or other elements.

Drain Field

A drain field is used to eliminate and manage waste and impurities which come out of the water released from your septic tank. The drain field is most effective at dealing with organic or biodegradable materials which can be broken down by microbes throughout the area.


This is a pipe used to allow water to move freely under your driveway approach or roadway

At Norde Excavation & Land Management, we pride ourselves in being the expert so that you do not have to. Jordan, our owner/operator is an extremely knowledgeable (and patient) contractor. Feel free to ask questions during your FREE bid, or you can always reach out to us to get your questions answered. We look forward to serving you on your next project!

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Terms You May Hear When Hiring an Excavation Contractor in Spokane County, Washington - Norde Excavation & Land Management

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