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Site Preparation Services in Spokane County, Washington

Starting any new construction process can feel overwhelming, especially when working with multiple contractors, service providers, and the county to get it done. While it’s tempting to finding ways to save money or try to skip steps to expedite your project, the grading and site preparation process is not the place to do it. At Norde Excavation & Land Management, we pride ourselves in doing things the right way so that your future build has a foundation that will last. 

What is Site Preparation?

Proper site preparation for new construction involves all of the steps needed to prepare a job site before the actual construction can begin. When done correctly, site preparation ensures the best starting point for future structures and utilities. Every job is different, so you need site preparation contractors that are skilled in the following areas:


This process includes clearing out trees, debris, and vegetation that are in the way of the new construction. The goal is to clear out the unstable soils to provide a stable, consistent product for future earthwork.

Sub-grade Stabilization

Before placing forms on your prepared area, it is essential to perform the proper backfill techniques to avoid the potential for problems in the future. When soils are moved, they are no longer compact. Your excavation team can determine the correct compaction method to protect any underground piping and allow for stable ground.

Land Excavation

This process levels the land and prepares the site to meet the depth requirements for the future build. The complexity of this step depends on the soil/earth at your home site and may include bringing in extra structural materials.

Water & Drainage Systems

Before full construction can begin, installing the proper water line and sewer lines is essential. This process can include things like trenching from the site to the septic tank, well, city water, or city sewer, installing drain fields when septic is used, and more.

Erosion Control

This process works to prevent flooding and erosion issues.

Choose The Right Team For The Job

While searching for “site preparation contracts near me” may not be as fun as picking out new kitchen finishes or paint colors, finding the right land excavation crew is essential to the success of your new construction. You need a company that evaluates the complete picture, sets up the rest of your building team for success, and will save you many headaches down the road.

Norde Excavation & Land Management LLC serves developers, contractors, and homeowners in Spokane County, WA. We value people, professionalism, and the success of your future project. We would love the opportunity to serve you! Contact us today to begin your next home project (PS. our bids are ALWAYS free).

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Site Preparation Services in Spokane County, Washington - Norde Excavation & Land Management

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